YMCA Fitness Yoga and Stretching Classes in Lynchburg Virginia


Living healthy is about spirit, mind and body at every age and stage. The YMCA of Central Virginia offers a variety of mind/body classes to help you relax, strengthen, stretch and improve flexibility.

Did you Hear? The Express YMCA has a newly added mind and body studio designed with you in mind!

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Align & Flow

Align & Flow is an alignment based Vinyasa (flow) class, blend the flow of yoga poses by linking postures using the breath while integrating the mechanical principals of alignment. GREAT for beginners who want to build a solid base in their practice.

Beginner Yoga

A specialized class to enhance your yoga practice, or to LEARN yoga – a strong emphasis on proper form, body alignment and the breath.

Flexible Strength

Fit ball, Yoga and Pilates mat work is the base of this class. A great opportunity to reduce stress while increasing strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscle tone.

Flow and Restore

Begin with a slow flow Vinyasa class before settling into yummy restorative postures intended to bring you a sense of calm - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Gentle Yoga

A modified Yoga practice utilizing props and chair to aid those needing a little extra care with the movements and poses. Focuses on connecting the breath to movement and improving posture and range of motion.

Hatha Yoga

This class provides the same benefits as yoga. It improves strength and flexibility through movement, breathing and held poses.

Hip Hop Yoga

In this music-driven Vinyasa practice, you'll flow along to the hottest beats and leave feeling strong and centered. Suitable for all-levels, this fun class doesn't take itself too seriously.

Pilates Fusion

Have fun getting lean and limber. This class will leave you relaxed and refreshed, toned and energized. It’s great for your joints (shoulders, hips, knees, and back) and CORE musculature.

Power Yoga

An energizing Vinyasa Yoga practice, emphasizing deep breathing, challenging stretches and power movements with locks and intense postures. The practice generates heat and brings balance to mind and body. Open to all skill levels.

Pure Pilates

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Pure Stretch

This class is what you need! 30 minutes of pure relaxation and stretching for the total body.

Soulful Flow

A slow, Vinyasa flow class incorporating an inspiring message to help renew the spirit and energize the body. Combining meditation, deep stretches, breath work and music, this class is all things special and good.

Sweat Flow and Glow

A sweaty, enthusiastic vinyasa flow class set to a bumpin' playlist that will leave you glowing on the inside and out! Come test your strength, stretch it out and finish with a mellow cool down

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga

A blend of yoga breathing, seated and standing flows, energize the body and calm the mind. This practice improves physical strength, flexibility and balance while relieving stress and anxiety. Open to students of all levels.

Yoga for Athletes

Designed for athletes of all fitness levels, movements will involve overall stretching & hip flexion and mobility movements.

Yoga for Flexibility

A yoga practice that's main focus is improving flexibility.